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PAINTICIDE Insecticidal Emulsion Paint for Insect & Pest Control (Winner of Innovation Award 2001 from Prime Minister Department)

Today we face many problems caused by insects and pests. Mosquitoes are carriers of diseases such as dengue, malaria, Japanese encephalitis etc. Mosquitoes are also nuisance. Other insects such as houseflies, cockroaches, ants and fleas are known to carry disease agents and are nuisance themselves.

Chemical insecticides are today still the most effective control agents used to control insects and pests. Insecticides are usually applied by spraying, fogging, smoking and residual application.

Although these application methods are effective to certain extent, they may be difficult to apply as special equipments are required; may cause pollution and contamination, requiring certain expertise and the effectiveness is not long lasting.

Because of this, a new application method of insecticides is invented. In this method, an emulsion paint is impregnated with a synthetic insecticide. This insecticidal paint is used as a normal household paint. Any insects and pest coming into contact with the painted surface will be killed.

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